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Rachel the creator behind this incredible parenting resource understands that children do not come with a handbook or user manual. Compiling this website and drawing on the expertise and brilliance of many contributors has resulted in this toolbox of solutions and answers for first-time parents to veterans. 

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An all-new hip-hop bedtime kids book FOR AGES 5 YEARS AND UP!

This epic adventure combines your favourite hip-hop songs and characters with a hilarious children’s story!

This book combines your favourite Hip-Hop songs and characters with a hilarious children’s story!

Will Dr. Ray find enough honey to repay the Cats Department?

Will Em the Hen be able to Rap Battle his way to freedom?

There’s only one way to find out, homie!

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Maggie Dent


 Commonly known as the “queen of common sense”, Maggie Dent has become one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators, with a particular interest in the early years, adolescence and resilience.