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Kiddipedia - I Come from a Long Line of Dads



My dad was a dad, his dad’s dad was a dad and his dad’s dad’s dad was also a dad.

I come from a long line of dad’s, however, with my looks, awkward personality and complete lack of any understanding of women, it wasn’t even certain the opportunity to be a dad would eventuate.

Channel 9 - Fathers Day 2019


Michael Ray appears on Channel 9's Weekend Today Show for Fathers Day 2019. 

Covering the discussion on Brisbane's New NRL Team and Dad Time Benefits 

From Bodybuilding and Bouncing to Ballet and Braids


 Michael Ray became a dad for the first time at forty-nine. At fifty-one, the bloke who had worked most of his adult life as a Stripper, Bouncer and Trainer became a full-time single parent, raising his two-year-old daughter Charlie on his own. To say he was under-prepared, ill-equipped and overwhelmed, would be something of an understatement. 


Kiddipedia - I am the only Unicorn in the Village

Women will achieve true equality, when men are  equally responsible for raising the new generation

Women will achieve true equality when men are held equally responsible .....

Red Flag - Advocating Equality

 Michale reduces stigmas and calls out injustice.

 He has continued to challenge, speak up and advocate for equality, reducing stigmas and calling out injustice. 

Channel 9 - Rules for Dating my Daughter


Recently appearing on Channel 9 with Madonna King discussing 'The Rules For Dating my Daughter"

Channel 7 - Dads Back In Swing


Melbourne dance school lifts ban on Dad backstage at concert

Disney's Babble - Lunch Box Notes


 This Australian single dad has been raising his 5-year-old daughter Charlie for the past three years alone. In that time, the personal trainer and powerlifter has shattered conventional stereotypes by publicly donning his little girl’s nail polish on his toes at a recent lifting contest.  

WOW SPOTLIGHT- Extraordinary Parenting


Becoming a parent at 50 was so unexpected! Charlie is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I have scheduled my life around making sure that she is my main priority. 

Little Rockers Radio - Raising kids as a single Dad


Talking about being a single dad, how fatherhood has changed Michael. He also discusses the importance of having a supportive network when being a single parent. 

Kiddipedia - Only a Mothers Love


Michael has made headlines in the media for years now, in the name of equality and equal rights for single parents, in particular single fathers   

Mamamia - Rules for Dating my Daughter


It is up to us dads to model the respectful treatment of women (including not denigrating or disrespecting their mothers if you are separated) 

The Dad - 'I just want to be the best Dad that I can ...."


 Society’s wheels sometimes take an age to turn, but every so often we’re reminded that we’re heading in the right direction. One such example was last year when a Melbourne ballet school overturned an archaic ban to ensure dad – and sole carer – Michael Ray could be backstage with his four-year-old daughter, Charlie, prior to her November 20 concert 

Kiddipedia - Introducing Michael Ray: an extraordinary single father


 With an exceptionally big heart, his attitude and approach to fatherhood are remarkable. Through his stories, we look forward to seeing how Michael can inspire all of us to live from the heart and without reservation despite the challenges or obstacles life can throw us 

Kidspot - 'Seven things I wish people would stop saying to me'



Michael says sometimes other parents can be unconsciously biased against single dads, and even more so to single dads of little girls.

“Women are mostly supportive but some say patronising things, like 'how do you manage?' It’s just the same as any single parent,”

Single father's fight to lift 'man ban' at daughter's concert


 Little Charlie, 4, was going to be the only student without a parent backstage for her ballet concert until her dad came to the rescue. "My Christmas as a Single Dad"


 EVERY Christmas, Michael and his daughter Charlie wake up to find Santa has left presents as well as a letter more precious than the gifts.